We make four kinds of robots, each with their own personalities!

VIDZ is our oldest model, and frankly, one of our best. The VIDZ molds are essentially giant walking holo-screens.
The best part about them is that they can go anywhere, and our specialized ARMY EDITION VIDZ comes with unfolding tank treads for military use in a battle tactics and strategy.

Zero-G is an incredible Guard Robot designed to work on the homes in outer space. Zero-G comes with four large booster-jets and can walk up and down or upside-down, even with simulated gravity turned on!

AR3 models are strictly for underwater use. They have built-in state-of-the-art PowerTurbines™, which both fuels them and helps them move in the water!

and finally,

RTX, our beloved security droids who continue to keep the peace. Currently at version nine, these droids are our most human-like, with built in emotions.
Praised by the #1 in robot relations Robotic Daily as being"the best robot RGU has to offer," RTX has received an Oscar® for preforming in the movie Among the Outliers, and the Nobel Prize.